Hello everyone, I am a graphic designer by profession, an artist at heart and I love experimenting with anything related to design and creativity. My work includes surface patterns, lettering, print, logo design, hand-made pots, murals, and much more.
I have been an Austin-ite for more than a decade along with my wonderful daughter and husband and I have been a designer and artist for most of my life. I worked as a graphic designer for several companies including advertising firms, custom jewelry firms, mortgage firms, and boutique designers, and eventually decided to work for myself and create designs inspired by my view of the world.

One of my main inspirations comes from nature. I like mixing nature with simple, modern shapes, colors, textures, and sometimes abstract. You will mostly find me with a cup of warm tea designing on my laptop or sketching in my diary at my home studio. When I am not designing you can find me either working out or cooking, two of my other passions! I also love hiking, traveling, exploring new places, and photography.
I hope to bring fresh and unique art into your life and home and let you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it. Be it via designs inspired by my own personality or be it via unique/custom designs inspired by your personality! Feel free to contact me if you'd like to get something unique and personal created for you or even if you'd just like to say hello or exchange thoughts and ideas.

View my logo designs, graphic design, and UX/UI work 👇